Are You an Excuse Maker?

May 21, 2019

We have all been in a situation, whether work or personal, that could have been far more successful had there not been a mountain of our own excuses in the way, blocking the path to progress. Excuses are rationalizations we make to ourselves about people, events, and circumstances. They are invented reasons, created to defend our behavior, stop us from taking an action, or simply as a means of avoiding responsibility or risk. Excuses, as much as anything, limit a person’s opportunity to reach their full potential.

Fear is the biggest driver of excuse-making – fear of failure, fear of change, fear of responsibility, fear of making mistakes, fear of looking foolish, and for some people, fear of success. Habitually making excuses leads directly to a lack of growth. It confines us to living in a very small comfort zone, and is the foremost cause of a negative attitude in the excuse maker. It has been said that those who are good at making excuses are seldom good at anything else.

Successful people don’t make excuses. They take responsibility for their decisions, follow through with their actions, and learn from their missteps.  They understand that mistakes will happen, but choose to take the risk anyway.  Rather than being convinced of failure from the outset, effective individuals know failure and defeat are life’s greatest teachers. They choose not to play it safe, and not to fly below the radar.  Successful people make success happen.

Ready to stop making excuses and start making a difference?  Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t surround yourself with negative people.
  • Be intentional about maintaining a positive mindset.
  • Find what you are passionate about and pursue it.
  • Reconcile in your mind that this is going to take work, and be willing to do it.
  • Watch successful people for tips on achieving more.

To accomplish your personal best, to make the impossible possible, eliminate excuses.  Think big.  Push yourself through the fear.  Keep finding better ways to run your business and/or life, or someone will take what you have accomplished, improve upon it, and take credit for it.

No more excuses…Your success DEMANDS better.  

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