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Baton Rouge — A river city with its own charm.

Baton Rouge harmonizes its historical charm with a diverse and dynamic culture. It is both the birthplace of Lofton and the state capital. You’ll find Baton Rouge a city with a rich history and a cultural scene just coming into its own, ever-enriched by vibrant music and its commitment to celebrating its artistic heritage. With its youthful energy, sports events and a lively student community, Louisiana State University has long fostered and fortified the city’s cultural landscape.

As a major player in the petrochemical and industrial sectors, Baton Rouge’s robust economy is fueled by large refineries and chemical plants along the Mississippi River. Moving forward, Baton Rouge is investing in healthcare, education, and technology sectors. With its strategic location, historical significance, and economic diversity, Baton Rouge will continue to seamlessly blend its cultural roots with a forward-looking economic landscape.

Proud to call Baton Rouge home.

Family-owned and locally operated since 1979, Lofton remains deeply rooted in the belief that a thriving community is the backbone of our success. We take great pride in being a part of the local fabric and contributing to the growth and success of the communities we serve. Our support for the Baron Rouge community goes beyond business. It reflects our values and a commitment to creating a positive and thriving environment for our neighbors.

Baton Rouge, LA – Staffing

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Scott Bull
Area Manager
Greater Baton Rouge