Lofton Staffing & Security Corporation Acquires
Frazee Recruiting Consultants

May 8, 2024

Baton Rouge, LA — Lofton Staffing and Security, the largest family-owned and locally operated staffing and security company in the Gulf South, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Frazee Recruiting Consultants, LLC. The full-service staffing consulting firm has over 25 years of experience serving a wide range of customers throughout Louisiana.

“We’re thrilled to announce the acquisition,” said Bart Lofton, Co-President of Lofton. “Frazee Recruiting, along with its founder and CEO, Marianne Frazee, has been a business ally for years. We’ve always had mutual respect, and our approaches to customer service and employee management are very similar. Additionally, the acquisition is an ideal next step for Lofton as we expand our reach. It will allow us to continue to serve our existing customers better by adding new relationships to the Lofton family.”

The acquisition signifies a significant milestone in Lofton’s growth, furthering its expansion across the Gulf South. Furthermore, it solidifies the company’s standing as Louisiana’s largest locally owned and family-operated staffing agency, while also providing businesses with valuable resources and fostering greater job opportunities for seekers.

Marianne Frazee, CEO of Frazee Recruiting, noted, “In the search for the right partner, I knew Lofton was it. Their customer-centric and people-first approach is why they have remained leaders in the staffing industry for over 40 years. I have total confidence that the acquisition will be seamless, and Lofton will provide nothing short of the best service possible for our clients and employees. I look forward to working as a consultant with the dynamic team at Lofton and finding new ways to support their customers. I also want to take the opportunity to thank my clients and community. I am beyond grateful for your ongoing support throughout the years.”

Media Contacts:
Carl Carver
(225) 924-0200

About Lofton Services

Founded over four decades ago by Thomas Lofton, Lofton Staffing & Security has grown into Louisiana’s largest locally owned, independent staffing and security company. Today, under the leadership of brothers Bart and Bret Lofton, who serve as Co-Presidents, the company employs over 80 full-time employees and over 4,000 assignment employees. With over 11 offices in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi, Lofton Staffing & Security remains a trusted industry throughout the Gulf South.

About Frazee

Woman-owned and operated for over 25 years, Frazee Recruiting Consultants has led staffing and workforce solutions for companies across Louisiana. With a dedicated team of recruiters and a commitment to excellence, Frazee has helped countless businesses navigate the complexities of staffing, ensuring they find the right talent to meet their needs.